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AGO Headquarters -- New York

Organ Historical Society
The Organ Historical Society cel­ebrates, pre­serves, and studies the pipe organ in America in all its his­toric styles, through re­search, edu­cation, ad­vocacy, and music.

David Tannenberg-Master Builder
Details of his life and work including pictures, stop lists and individual organ histories as well as information on those builders who were influenced by Tannenberg's work.

Friends of The John Wanamaker Organ

PIPORG-L is an electronic mailing list whose members discuss musical, technical and historical aspects of organs of all kinds–classical, theater, electronic, reed, tracker, electropneumatic, mechanical (player, band and fairground, etc.) Organ specifications, recitals (past and future), recordings, jobs (wanted and available), restoration hints, news of progress in restoration projects are all interesting. Requests for advice or information are encouraged, and stories of your experiences and knowledge are eagerly consumed. In short, if it is interesting and about organs or organ music, this group would like to hear about it.

Longwood Gardens

Ocean Grove NJ-Auditorium Organ

Organ Focus
The source for pipe organ music events, concerts and recitals worldwide.